You might not realize it, but Shoemaker products are everywhere – in your home, your place of work, grocery stores, restaurants – basically anywhere that uses forced air to control the temperature of the environment. And, we’ve been manufacturing registers, grilles, and diffusers for residential, commercial and industrial markets since 1947 – more than 65 years! Shoemaker was recently featured on the ION Network show “World’s Greatest.” Watch the video to learn about what make us one of the World’s Greatest manufacturer’s of HVAC supplies!


SKU Description Prod Info Price/Units Quantity
85064 SM #850 WALL REGISTER 6X4 50BX EA
85084 S/M#850 8X4 WALL REGISTER 36BX EA
85086 SM #850 WALL REGISTER 8X6 26BX EA
85088 SM #850 WALL REGISTER 8X8 24BX EA
850104 S/M #850 WALL REG 10X4 30BX EA
850106 S/M#850 WALL REG. 10X6 24BX EA
850124 SM#850 WALL REGISTER 12X4 28BX EA
850126 S/M#850 12X6 WALL REG. 18BX EA
850128 SM#850 WALL REGISTER 12X8 18BX EA
850144 SM#850 WALL REGISTER 14X4 26BX EA
850146 S/M#850 14X6 WALL REG 17BX EA
850148 SM#850 WALL REGISTER 14X8 17BX EA
850168 SM#850 WALL REGISTER 16X8 12BX EA