ASTM A240 / A480 – Common Austenitic – Chromium/Nickel Stainless Steel

Alloy 304 and 304L – 2B and #4 Surface finishes

18 – 26 Gauge – 48" wide products

Generally non magnetic properties

304 stainless steel sheet and coils provide corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemical and atmospheric environments, textiles and food industry conditions.

The 304L product is the same chemical composition as the standard alloy 304 with one exception.  The 304L has lower level or restricted carbon content.  The lower carbon content is beneficial when the product is subjected to welding and helps to prevent carbide precipitation.

Typical uses of 304 stainless sheets and coils:

·         Food Handling Equipment

·         Food Handling tables and sinks

·         Architectural Trim

·         Marine Environment containers and equipment

·         Chemical handling containers and equipment

·         Appliances

·         Hinges

Many other uses not listed above

SKU Description Prod Info Price/Units Quantity
SS1848120 SS 18GA SHT 48X120 2.02#/FT2 LB
SS18481203 SS 18GA SHT 48X120 2.02#/FT2#4 LB
SS2048120 SS 20GA SHT 48X120 1.49#/FT2 LB
SS2248120 SS 22GA SHT 48X120 1.23#/FT2 LB
SS22481203 SS 22GA SHT 48X120 1.23#/FT2#4 LB
SS2448120 SS 24GA SHT 48X120 .987#/FT2 LB
SS24481203 SS 24GA SHT 48X120 .987/FT2 #4 LB
SS2648120 SS 26GA SHT 48X120 .748#/FT2 LB